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Experience Tangerine Tales through an extraordinary mix of the arts!
Where the imagination is just beginning...
Specially designed to captivate the make-believe in all of us.

Tangerine Tales presents you with the art of…storytelling, painting and writing. We are sure to make everyone of all ages remember the magic. We offer art studio pods, corporate events, outreaches & private parties, as well as school programs that meet all safety guidelines for Covid-19.

In-person events not your thing? We can still work our magic with our new service for 2021 - Zoom events & parties!

Zany Zoom Events and Parties - New for 2021!

Tangerine Tales is proud to offer a variety of Zoom events & parties that are sure to entertain. From Fairy Godmother to Multi-Cultural Puppets - we’ve got something to bring a smile to everyone’s face!


Click the link below to see our Zoom Schedule and sign up for and event or to book a private party.


Ready for some fun and entertainment?

Mix and match from our wide variety of services to make your event one-of-a-kind! Our services are available for corporate events, school programs,

and private parties. 


Face Painting

Face painting is an artistic form that is sure to make everyone smile. Miss Kelly has been face painting for 10 years, which lends to her unique designs. 


Theme parties are designed especially for your child’s particular wish. We can create any party that your child can dream up. Emoji Neon Dance Party, Superhero Obstacle Course, Pirate & Pixie - the list goes on!

Fairy Visits

Fairy Visits are filled with mystical wonder at every fairy lover event. Choose a fairy character to enchant your guests. Each character comes dressed in original costumes designed by Tangerine Tales.


Face painting is an artistic form that is sure to make everyone smile. Miss Kelly has been face painting for 10 years, which lends to her unique designs. 


Storytelling is a brilliant way to engage children of all ages into the world of imagination. Join Miss Kelly as she uses her teaching & theater experience to retell a tale in her colorful way with artistic puppets and props.

Glitter Tattoos

Glitter Tattoos are the latest trend in temporary body art. Children and adults love the detailed artwork and the vibrant colors of the sparkling glitter.

Tangerine Tales is available for:


Miss Kelly uses her teaching and theater experience to educate children through storytelling on topics such as life skills, humanity, acceptance, and environmental awareness. Storytelling comes alive with artistic puppets and props and allows children to participate in real life journeys. Ask us about our list of incredible topic tales written by Kelly Hughes.


Tangerine Tales can handle small or large corporate sized events with our talented staff artists. Our decor and display are especially designed to fit any theme, holiday or season. Choose from our list of services to customize your corporate event with fun elements like face painting and glitter tattoos!


**Need content here, describing private parties (not the theme element but more of what you want to offer - to make sure you don't end up spending lots of time on a party with little return like we discussed** 


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