A storyteller, an artist, a children’s writer and an inspiring teacher.

Once upon a time there lived a girl named Kelly, the eldest of six children. She adored fairytale stories, and acted them out every chance she had. Her love of tales helped develop her passion for the arts. After graduating with a BFA in Art, she worked as a designer for a few years and then wished to venture over the rainbow. Kelly moved to Nashville and there she acted in the theater community. She started Artichoke Design with a partner and was inspired to design a children’s book. Working in design gave Kelly a desire to immerse herself in French art culture, so she moved to Paris. She studied French at Sorbonne University, tutored a French girl and during the summer studied Shakespeare at Royal Academy of Dramatic Art. Eventually, Kelly returned back to her U.S. hometown, where teaching found it’s way into her heart. She received her ACSI certification in Early Childhood Education at a private elementary academy. For the next 20 years, Kelly taught Preschool, Kindergarten, First Grade, Elementary Art & Drama and held positions as a Creative Arts Instructor, a Program Specialist and a Theater Director & Playwright.

One day Prince Charming found Kelly; his name was Dan. They married, moved to Seattle and settled in the neighborhood of Ballard. Kelly continued teaching but longed to share her love of fairytales through the art of storytelling. Every Sunday, at the Ballard Farmer’s Market, Kelly would face paint outside Clover’s toy store. It is then that Tangerine Tales blossomed and Kelly transformed into “Miss Kelly” a storyteller, an artist, a children’s writer and an inspiring teacher. Tangerine Tales has won four consecutive Teddy Awards from Parent Map for best children's entertainer of the year in Seattle.

​When Miss Kelly is not busy with Tangerine Tales you will find her taking walks to the Ballard Locks, playing with her cats Amelie & Atticus, exploring the Pacific Northwest and writing her next children’s book at a local coffee shop!