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Tangerine Tales offers amazing and fun programs to the public and private schools all around the Pierce & King county areas.  We can provide weekly enrichment classes, special holiday or thematic school assemblies and summer camp entertainment

ALL at your location. 


Check out what we can do for your school!


Storytelling Theater

for your next school assembly!

(about kindness and diversity) 

with Fairy Godmother aka Miss Kelly

Face painting & glitter tattooing are back, too!

Imaginative Literacy Around the World with Zany Zebra & Miss Kelly

(every week during the school day)

Miss Kelly introduces Pre-K to Kindergarten students to our planet earth. The students explore climate, geography and animals. They journey together using their imaginations and senses to discover their world.

Miss Kelly brings the art of puppeteering to engage the students in their feelings.  They will observe realistic photographs and participate in active poems, songs, phonetics, playful exercises and more. Miss Kelly is a preferred provider specialist with the Seattle Public Schools and she would be thrilled to be a specialist at your school too!


This program gives support to social and emotional growth and stimulates kinesthetic and sensory play.  It builds confidence in students to be who they are, to be kind to our planet and to those around them.

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