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Sparkle Cat

I love our black cat named Atticus. He is our handsome boy. About eight years ago, my husband and I adopted little Atticus from a local shelter. We adopted his cute sister too; however, she is another story. He has emerald green eyes and an exceptionally cool personality. Atticus is a mama’s cat and he seldom leaves my side.

Before I had my art studio in Ballard, I did all of my Tangerine Tales projects in the compact front room of our house. This little room looked like there was a fairy explosion with every shade of glitter embedded everywhere. This room was my creative space. I spent many long hours drawing, painting, organizing, embellishing and writing in that space.

Can you guess who also liked this space and enjoyed the glitter? Yes. You guessed correct. It was my boy. He would get right in the middle of every shimmering project I was working on and plop his midnight butt right in the center of the pile. He would sit himself on organza bags, pink tutus, rainbow ribbon, metallic fabric, shiny tissue paper, bling stickers and whatever pile of sparkle he could discover to nest in. I have never seen a more contented cat resting in his haven of bliss. My business space became his fairy business. Everyone knows that we have a “fairy” special and fabulous cat. Atticus has since then inherited the name, Sparkle Cat.

Written By Kelly Ann Hughes on October 26, 2021

All copyrights belong to Kelly Ann Hughes.

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