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The Grable Under the Table

Updated: Jan 6, 2022

There is a Grable who lives under the table

And he is flat as a pancake, steady and stable

You can only see him if you sneak a peak under

He has both eyes closed and fakes a grave slumber

He pokes at your toes while your eating your dinner

And if you ignore him, he’ll make your life grimmer

He’s goo-slimy and his skin is quite sticky

Don’t try to out smart him for he’s rather tricky

I found what works best is if you feed him green pees

Put two at the tippy-top-top of your knees

He’ll take them gently and he’ll end with a touch

And the Grable will grovel, “Thank you very much.”

Written By Kelly Ann Hughes on April 27, 2008

All copyrights belong to Kelly Ann Hughes.

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