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We have moved to the City of Lakewood!

Whew! We finally did it! We cleared out our Ballard art studio space in January and made the change to a new location. This past summer, my husband and I; along with our two cats, Atticus & Amelie moved into our new home in Lakewood, WA. It’s south of Tacoma and I had no idea what was hiding down here. There are so many lakes and evergreens. We even have our very own monkey puzzle tree in our yard. (That tree is for another blog.) We are slowly building new friendships with the neighbors and finding out how Tangerine Tales can partner with the surrounding schools and businesses. We are optimistic, grateful and ready to grow again.

A super THANK YOU to all our amazing friends, families, clients and fans in the Seattle area from over the years. You are the shining stars in our story. Hmmm, if you are wondering, we will still travel north to serve YOU.

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